"Beyond Waking Dreams" by Damien Davies - ABQ Up With Paint

"Beyond Waking Dreams" by Damien Davies - ABQ Up With Paint

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Damien's Bio:

I was born at exactly the stroke of a number which no longer exists. I tightrope hopscotch thin lines of imagination and color theory. I give the boogieman sweet dreams and once ate a crepe filled with sweet nothings. I have Nomadik Tendencies that get down to the tune of breakbeat frequencies. Some people call me Damien while others know me as the thing that goes Meep in the night. I was born in England and after years spent as a pirate and travelling samurai I have settled here in Albuquerque. I love to paint, sculpt and make things. Above all else though I love being a dad to my two beautifully strong daughters.

Damien's Artist Statement:

My paintings are about the way I see the world around me. It is a world in which the homeless man on the corner is a wandering traveler. It is a world where deceased family members watch over us in the form of antlered spirits. It is a world where people wear raven suits and jellyfish shine like stars. Each piece is a snapshot of the idea that “We Create The World We Live In”. Check out more at www.nomadiknoize.com

Why Damien participated in ABQ Up With Paint:

As a long time youth worker and coordinator for teen centers I believe strongly that art plays a huge part in healthy communities. Up With Paint is one of those programs that communities must have in order to be vibrant and resilient. The idea of being a part of a larger community all working towards the same artistic goal is amazing and an honor to be a part of.

About the Limited Edition prints:

We Are This City 100 year archival prints are printed on 310gsm Sunset Textured Fine Art Paper which is a natural-white art paper with a textured print surface that can add a more painterly look to photographic prints and art reproductions.

About the Unlimited Edition prints:

100# acid-free, smooth, matte cover stock.